Suction Equipment Packages

Vacuum Paver Lifters

Created with the Everyday Hardscaper in Mind.

Created with the Everyday Hardscaper in Mind. At Pave Tool Innovators, we’re constantly looking for the next advancements in hardscaping technology, anything to reduce labor costs and reduce strain on the body to make the process easier for those who work on these projects every day. After a long day’s work, we understand that block materials aren’t the lightest materials to lift, and carrying them can destroy your body. To help with this, we provide vacuum paver lifters. These lifters utilize suction systems to grab the material, whether pavers, retaining wall blocks, concrete, or granite slabs, to saving you from unnecessary bending and fatigue.

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Our Suction Equipment pick slabs Vertically & Horizontally! With this Light Weight solution - Work Smarter, Not Harder!

**Not guaranteed to work on all porous material