Elite Suction Equipment Terms & Conditions

The Elite Suction System works on non-porous materials.  Upgrading to the HV Venturi is recommended for Dry Cast (porous) Products.  **Please note: Due to manufacturing inconsistencies we cannot guarantee this will work on "All" Dry Cast Products.   (This is true for all Suction Equipment on the market today) 

Under no circumstances will Pave Tool or GNH be held responsible or liable in any way for any claims, damages, losses, expenses, costs, injuries or liabilities whatsoever resulting directly or indirectly. All consumers should take extra safety precautions when lifting any product with suction with the use of safety straps and/or other safety measures.  

Air Compressor Recommendation - 8SCFM @ 75psi. 

Hose - 3/8 inch "V" Style (European Style) Standard Quick Connect. 


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