ES Machine Pkg. A1R

BL450 Clamp

Pave Tool in Canada is made available by Great North Hardscape (GNH) and their Authorized Dealer Network. Please check our Canadian Dealer locator for your closest stocking dealer. If there is no stocking dealer in your region we welcome your order here. Dealerships are still available! 

Quick-E-Hybrid Edging - 3 Problems / 1 Solution

Permeable Application

Designed to Retain Permeable Pavers.  For Permeable, Open Grade & Hybrid Base Applications.  Use a 2 x 2 wedge shaped stake into a clean base for no lateral shift!  (Use the Quick-E-Hammer for fast and a no wrist stress installation)


Landscape Application

Designed to Separate Grass from Mulch or Stone.  Also Mulch from your Stone if mixed in a Landscape Bed.  The stitching technology eliminates uplift.  No More ugly black edging that lifts and peels.  

Dense Grade Base

Dense Grade Base Application

Designed to prevent uplift using spikes on 60 degree apposing angels that sow into the soil in dense grade applications.   (Use the Quick-E-Hammer for fast and a no wrist stress installation)  


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